A month

In almost every article on infidelity, it suggests staying together for one month, sleeping in separate rooms and spending 10 minutes every night talking about how you feel.

I agreed to do this.

Yesterday he talked of depression and anxiety and addiction and how that contributed to his foolish and wreck less behaviour. Maybe. Or that’s just an excuse for I didn’t love you enough to be faithful.

I know we are both restless. That’s why we fell in love and got along so great. We need to keep moving. Stagnancy drives us crazy. And with a new baby who takes up all our time, stagnancy is going to be the norm.

So, what do you do?

Go to counseling, maybe.

Find a babysitter and go on date nights, probably.

Talk about it and discuss ways to work on your relationship. Yup.

Cheat because you are bored and want excitement. Really?

29 days to go.


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