There is a school of thought that infidelity makes a relationship stronger. That only 3% (depending on the report) of spouses will re-offend. That once the cheater has been through the fright of losing their family, they are scared straight and steadfast in their determination to do right by their family. To make every moment count. To be the best they can be.

This man in my home says all the right things. Textbook.

When I read an article like, ‘How do you know if your spouse is being genuine?’ It is word for word what is coming out of his mouth. I love you. I’m sorry. This is what I did and this is why it was wrong. I want you. I want my family. I’m booking a counselor, please come.

And it has to be word for word, doesn’t it? Because every word is under a microscope. Every word is weighed and judged and logged.

Does it help? A man fighting for his family is necessary, otherwise, there is no hope.

What seems hopeless is the ability to get from -I believe what you are saying – to – I’m willing to put my trust in you again and hope you don’t betray me.

Does forgiveness mean one is being naive? Undermining their own worth? Settling for someone that may betray them again when times get rough? Never knowing for sure?



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