Zippy, the stuffed turtle

When you see a story of infidelity in the movies, it’s represented as a painfully beautiful dance of desire and then pain, struggle and confrontation, and then . . . the crescendo of drama portraying the glory of all that love could aspire to be.

In real life infidelity is messy, complicated, ugly. Full of shock, confusion, bitterness, agony, and despair.

The bills still roll in. The dentist office still rings for appointment reminders. Supper still needs to be made. And you wonder how the world keeps turning as though nothing has changed, when in reality nothing will ever be as it was before. Everything has changed.

And there in a moment when you don’t know how to pick yourself up, when you don’t know how the heartache will ease, your little girl with big bright eyes gives Zippy a kiss.


3 thoughts on “Zippy, the stuffed turtle

  1. Reading your blog is like a visit back in time, to when I found out and felt like everyone and everything should STOP because my world did. Then the disbelief when the world went on without me. My only words of advice to you (I’m almost 4 long years out from D-day), is don’t let what you read or your therapist tell you what you should be feeling or doing…all you can do at this point is get through it and protect your daughter the best you can. Just keep breathing


      1. Blogging saved me, it got me up off the floor literally, and gave me a community who understood what I was going through. Until you have lived it you don’t have a clue, I didn’t start blogging until a year out from D-day 🙂 so you are already much more together than I was. Hugs my sweet friend tomorrow is a different day, and it will get better.

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