A letter to the other woman

I wasn’t going to write it. Then I did. I wasn’t going to send it. Then I did.

But before I sent it, I saw a message from the other woman to my husband. The message was, ‘I will always cherish our talks too.’

Before he left for rehab, he told ME that he hated her and she ruined his life. And before he left for rehab, he told HER that he would always cherish their talks.

The level of lies and disrespect is unfathomable. I was his wife for 7 years and the mother of his children.

And so I begin the daunting task of searching for a place where me and my daughter can find safety.

This is what I wrote to the other woman:

Dear XXX,

I know that you had an affair with my husband. Part of the healing process for me will be to convey what is in my heart and mind and then put it to rest.

I consider my husband responsible for the dissolution of our marriage and the choice of betrayal. But you shared in that betrayal, even knowing that he had a wife and a daughter.

I wish you could look into my beautiful baby’s eyes and see the sorrow that she will feel for not having her parents together. I wish you could look at her and explain what you did.

If you could stand before this precious little girl and say, ‘I slept with your Dad and that’s why your parents aren’t together,’ then you did the right thing. If you could not stand before her and say that, then this will be a burden you carry forever.

For the sake of others and human decency, I hope you stop hurting children and families.



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