My Dream Betrayed Wife Scenario

Yup, I never thought I’d have that dream either.

The dream: He comes in the house, gets on his knees while sobbing and confesses to the affair. He begs me to keep him, go to counseling with him, and tells me that he will spend the rest of his life trying to prove to me that he is trustworthy and that he thinks I am the queen of the world and nobody could compare to me.

The reality: He sends me an email that he had an affair. For 7 months. Still has feelings for the woman. He is going to rehab to take care of his anxiety so that he can be a better a husband to his next wife. And oh, while he is gone and I am trying to recover from the shock and excruciating pain, could I also be the 24 hour single parent to our busy toddler? Catch-ya later, when you’ve had time to cool off and I don’t have to deal with that, uhm, anger of yours.

And if that wasn’t enough . . .

The emergency doctor just told me that my toddler has hand, foot and mouth disease (which I thought was some horrifying death sentence but is apparently a week long virus) and we need to quarantine in the house for 5 to 7 days till it passes. So, I have to cancel my first appointment with the Counselor who was going to give me some momentary release and probably kindness.

Where is the bottom of the barrel?


3 thoughts on “My Dream Betrayed Wife Scenario

  1. The barrel has no bottom. There can still be peace. There can still be stillness. The things we tell ourselves to make ourselves forget can be replaced with things we tell ourselves to help ourselves get up. The barrel has no bottom, but that doesn’t mean we have to drown in it.


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