Being in the fog of anger and resentment is crippling.

The ‘I just want to punch him in the head, how could he do this to me?’ kind of anger.

But I know, even in the midst of it, that:

  1. I need to go through this stage of grief and feel it and recognize it for what it is.
  2. It is only hurting me, it is not hurting him.
  3. At some point this anger will subside, but until it does it is dangerous and creates scars.
  4. Anger isn’t getting me anywhere. I know in my heart that anger does not cause someone to see the ‘light’, to feel the empathy, to understand the pain.
  5. Ironically, only when the anger goes and we are able to walk through the sadness and express the real desire to heal, will our partner start to know and feel real remorse for what we are experiencing.

Yes, I know all this in my heart, so why doesn’t the friggin’ anger just get the f*ck out of my life.


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